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At the moment, the Darius Institute is pursuing four projects intended to educate the public about and promote a focus in various critical fields, per the principles that the Institute holds dear.  Our current projects are the following:


Transportation: Urban and Intercity Public Transit Reform


Investing in new and innovative public transit is not only essential for reducing out overall GHG emissions, but could increase economic output and efficiency if done properly. Public investment in high-speed intercity transit as well as modular urban public transportation is key for achieving both economic development and reducing emissions. Learn More ->

Housing: Public Housing and Increased Development

Public housing is not a new idea, but its implementation in the United States has left much to be desired. Investing in price-variable public housing while incentivizing and increasing private housing development is necessary if we wish to ensure that all Americans can have a roof above their head, all the while strengthening economic development. Learn More ->


Ag, Water and Energy: Investing in Agrivoltaics


With the agriculture industry being one of the highest-emitters of green house gases and the highest consumer of water in the United States, reducing water use and GHG emissions is critical, especially if it can be done without negatively impacting crop yield. We believe that public investment in agrivoltaics is critical and can help us achieve these goals. Learn more ->


Education: Renewed Dedication to STEM and Civic Responsibility

America may have the best institutions of higher education in the world, but increasingly the students who attend our universities are not from America, and do not stay in the US after they obtain their degrees. Reducing the cost of higher education, and investing in STEM education through primary and secondary school are essential for maintaining a skilled workforce in the very near future. Learn More ->

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